Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Yellowdig (13 mins.)

    • Quick tour of the platform

    • Yellowdig Principle: Abandon the "post once, comment twice" mindset

    • Yellowdig Principle: Be the example for your community

    • Yellowdig Principle: Please trust the process!

    • A Dissection of a learner led post

    • Helpful Resources

  • 2

    Digging deeper into Yellowdig (20 mins.)

    • Point system basics and purpose

    • Helping learners understand the point earning system

    • Understanding grade passback

    • Setting up and using topics

    • Introduction to Yellowdig reports

    • Resources for setting up a Yellowdig community

    • Test your Yellowdig knowledge

  • 3

    Your Role as a Facilitator (7 mins.)

    • Strategies for instructor or facilitator interaction in Yellowdig

    • Supporting Learners in the Community

    • Test your facilitation knowledge

  • 4

    Get Started!

    • Yellowdig Academy

    • Join the Yellowdig Facilitator Community (YDFC)

    • Thank you for your feedback on this course

    • Want to Connect? Yellowdig Office Hours

    • Claim your certificate!


  • Who should take this course?

    Anyone who facilitates Yellowdig Communities on a day-to-day basis.

    If you have already taken the IDC, you can skip directly to Your Role as a Facilitator. If you are not in charge of point configurations, LTI integrations, or high-level pedagogical decisions, you can take this course in lieu of the IDC.

  • How long will this take?

    Around 35 minutes. You can breeze through the course in less time if you play the videos at 2x speed, but to borrow a teacherly adage: you'll get out of this course what you put in. You do not need to complete the course in one sitting; simply pause and resume where you left off.

  • What is the YDFC?

    The Yellowdig Faculty Community. It's an open Community for instructors to chat about Yellowdig pedagogy, general discussion pedagogy—anything, really. It's open to all instructors and teaching assistants, including those who aren't otherwise using Yellowdig. Join here, and invite your colleagues!